The Web Chat Quality Assurance Mark mark for excellence in webchat practice management and excellence in client care.

Our mark sets the required Standard in nine different areas of the service provided – each of these areas periodically audited to ensure best practice is upheld by the service provider.

You can be sure that the organisations accredited against the Standard have not only the track record but also the skill and infrastructure to give you the best possible service.



Web Chat is the new phenomena in customer service and visitor engagement on websites be it a large medium or small organisation. The popularity of web chat has been further catapulted by the relatively new emergence of outsourced chat providers.

With this industry sector expected to grow in size and the expectance of new providers to quickly move into this growing marketplace, it is imperative to ensure that a recognised quality assurance framework is used to qualify providers of this service. Saving you time, money and most importantly your reputation.

Our experienced accessors also understand that switching to different providers can be a costly and onerous. Each one of our members are assessed periodically and the assessment is always unannounced. Each assessment is recorded and if required improvements are highlighted for implementation within a 30 days period for continuation of the membership.

This approach demonstrates the services provider commitment and ability to deliver services that will continue to meet your expectations and overall satisfaction. If you feel that any of our providers are not meeting the expected high standers we have set, you are able to highlight this to us for further investigation.